Your Care is Our Priority

Safe and reliable ambulance transport, we’re here to care for you.

Ambulance Service in Singapore - MTS
Ambulance Service in Singapore - MTS

Your Care is Our Priority

Safe and reliable ambulance transport, we’re here to care for you.


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ATTENTION: DO NOT use the ambulance booking form in an emergency situation. The ambulance booking form is only for non-emergency patient transport services.

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We provide expert ambulance transport services for non-urgent medical cases. Our professionally trained team is dedicated to safe and efficient medical transport.

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Caring for all your family’s medical transport.

Engaging Carewell Ambulance Services can make all the difference in ensuring prompt, professional, and compassionate care.

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Carewell Ambulance Services provides coordinated care with hospitals and medical facilities to ensure a smooth transition of care for the patient upon arrival. This helps to ensure that the patient receives the necessary medical attention as quickly as possible.


With Carewell Ambulance Services, patients and their families can have peace of mind knowing that they will receive professional, and compassionate care during transport.


Carewell Ambulance Services offers comfortable and safe transport for patients, including those with limited mobility or disabilities. Patients can feel confident knowing that they will be transported with care and respect.

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Frequently Ask Questions

In Singapore, the SCDF provides free emergency ambulance services for individuals facing life-threatening situations. This ensures that prompt medical attention is given to those who require it the most. However, for non-emergency cases, a fee of $274 is charged by the SCDF.

At times when non-emergency medical transport is required, you can reach out to us at +65 6858 0700. Our ambulance services are personalized to meet your needs, which may include the provision of a wheelchair, stretcher or additional attendants. We understand your medical transport's needs, and our team of professionals is dedicated to providing safe and reliable services at a reasonable cost.

The most common types of medical transport options available for non-emergency cases are wheelchair transport, stretcher transport and basic life support transport.

Common reasons for using a non-emergency ambulance service include attending medical appointments, transferring between medical facilities, and being discharged from a hospital.

Generally, there are no specific eligibility criteria for using a non-emergency ambulance service. However, patients may need to provide information about their medical condition and mobility requirements to ensure that the appropriate transport arrangements are made.

Non-emergency ambulance services typically provide basic life support and medical attention as required during the transport. However, patients requiring advanced medical attention may need to arrange for specialist transport.

on-emergency ambulance services typically have trained staff, well-maintained equipment, and safety protocols in place to ensure that patients are transported safely and comfortably.

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